About disk number in the image file in the restore destination setting


Disk number of the image file, are lined in ascending order of the image when creating disk number.
Therefore, when you restore to the same environment, there is a case where the disk number is different.
As a result it is properly restored to the desired location.


More information

The configuration of the backup target as an example.

Disk0: drive that contains the system
Disc1: data drive
Disc2: data drive

Image that you create a disk 1 and disk 2 for backup. Restore to disk 1 and disk 2 (the same disk as the backup target).

Restore from: Disk0 (Disk1 in the image), Restore destination: Disk1 (Disk1 of disk management).
Restore from: Disk1 (Disk2 in the image), Restore destination: Disk2 (Disk2 of disk management).


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