Collect Support Information in Windows Editoin

If you require AIP support, you must have two of the following information.In addition, please inform specific contents of trouble (a reproduction procedure and error message).

Serial number
Please let us know the serial number or the product key that is listed on the license certificate.

Support Information
Please collect support informations in the following procedure.

1) You save the aip_support.vbs to any folder.
2) You run aip_support.vbs in a user of the administrator rights.
3) is created on the desktop after a while.
In the case of Windows 2000, Aip_support_yyyymmdd_hhmm folder is created on the desktop.
4) Please send support information to e-mail address (

To collect the Support Infomation (Boot environment)
If trouble occurs in the Boot environment, please collect logs.

- WinPE-based Boot Environment

X:\Program Files\ActiveImageProtector\AIP.ini
X:\Program Files\ActiveImageProtector\AIP.log
X:\Program Files\ActiveImageProtector\wpeinit.log
X:\Program Files\ActiveImageProtector\LOGS

- Linux-based Boot Environment

Run the following command.

# Aipmng --support

"AipSupportInfo_ <current date> _ <current time>.tgz" is created on /opt/NetJapan. Please send it.


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