vStandbyAIP tasks may stop at 1%


vStandbyAIP tasks to ESXi may stop at 1%.

--- log excerpt ---
2018/09/12 01:12:56.265 AddDriversToAipImage DiskNum=0,nDiskIndex=0,wDiskNbrVolume=2 Level=WARNING [0]
2018/09/12 01:13:08.125 Checking for OS type and registry changes.
2018/09/12 01:13:08.125 Os Version 603
2018/09/12 01:13:08.125 E:\windows
2018/09/12 01:13:17.406 Loading hive at E:\windows\System32\Config\software
2018/09/12 01:13:57.172 OpenRegHive success m_strRegMount=AIP_WINVIR\
2018/09/12 01:13:57.187 FixRegDeviceValues::opening key: ProductName ,strReg=AIP_WINVIR\
2018/09/12 01:14:05.953 Loading hive at E:\windows\System32\Config\system,
2018/09/12 01:14:17.500 OpenRegHive success m_strRegMount=AIP_WINVIR\
2018/09/12 01:14:17.500 FixRegDeviceValues::opening key: AIP_WINVIR\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\Environment\,m_strRegMount=AIP_WINVIR\
2018/09/12 01:14:17.500 opening key: PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE
2018/09/12 01:14:17.984 AIP_WINVIR\ControlSet001
2018/09/12 01:14:19.015 Virtual detected OS; 6_3_9600_Windows_Server_2012_R2_Standard_AMD64
2018/09/12 01:14:19.015 LoadRegValuesForOs::Target bus is 3
2018/09/12 01:14:19.015 WriteAndLoadRegTemplate::Loading template LSI_6_0_600x_64.rgtmp
======> Stopped log.

If  mount the image in write mode and rewrite the registry from the registry hive, the Aipcopy process will hang.
In this state, you cannot force terminate Aipcopy from Taskmanager.
When this occurs, the next task cannot be executed.

Also, ntfs 137 error occurs in Windows system eventlog.
Log Name:         System
Source:           Ntfs
Event ID:       137
Level:           Error

The default transaction resource manager on volume \Device\sbymnt2\sbymnt0 encountered a non-retryable error and could not start.
The data contains the error code.


In rare cases, when mounting an backup image, it may not be possible to configure it correctly as a Windows drive due to network problems and load.
Then, because the convert process is done using an unstable drive, the aipcopy process hangs by the unstable drive.


If this issue occur, force reboot the PC.

Target Product

- vStandbyAIP

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