The convert task to Hyper-v fails with "Exit Code: -593"


Even if you enter the correct user name and password when creating a convert schedule to remote Hyper-v, it fails with Exit Code: -593.
It is known that the host name and IP address are incorrectly auto-completed to the user name.

--- log excerpt ---
08/31/2018 05:19:23.436 Virtual Destination Path: \\\vStandbyAIP_V\2012-1\2012-1_0.vhdx;\\\vStandbyAIP_V\2012-1\2012-1_1.vhdx
08/31/2018 05:19:23.436 ImagePath: c:\windows\temp\TEMP15356927630.aix;c:\windows\temp\2012-1@disk_d01_00058_i00020_x00001.aix
08/31/2018 05:19:23.436   99 WNetAddConnection2 failed, path \\\vStandbyAIP_V , err 2202  Level=ERROR [2202]
08/31/2018 05:19:23.436 Hyper_V ConnectNetworkLocation Error netpath=\\\vStandbyAIP_V\2012-1\2012-1_0.vhdx,utf8NetworkUser=\<ドメイン名>\administrator,GetLastError=2202

08/31/2018 05:19:26.460 {IDS_STRING3018}Exit Code: -593


It is a known issue.
It will be fixed in the next release.


Enter only [administrator] in the authentication user's text box.
Please do not enter host name or domain name.
If the Hyper-v host is a member server, please use the local administrator.

Target Product

- vStandbyAIP

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2018-09-26 08:39
Yoshinobu ito
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