Cannot access Windows10 or Windows2019 shared folder from CentBE


In a CentOS-based boot environment, you may not be able to access a shared folder on an OS where SMB1.0 is disabled.

In CentOS7.x, the default version of the SMB protocol differs depending on the version.
CentOS7.5 or earlier: The default protocol is SMB1.0
CentOS7.6 or later:    The default protocol is SMB2.1

In Windows10 and Windows2019, SMB1.0 is disabled by default, so those created with CentOS7.4 will be affected.


To access a shared folder on Windows 10 or Windows 2019, use CentBE created with CentOS 7.7.

Target Products

-ActiveImage Protector 2018 Windows / Linux

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2020-04-03 06:12
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