Incremental schedule is performed at a base backup


If satisfy the following conditions, incremental backup does not work in first schedule after the changing operation.
Reconcile does not work.

- Change of deduplication level and compression level, or vice versa
- Upgrade from ActiveImage Protector 2.x to ActiveImage Protector 3.x
- Upgrade from ActiveImage Protector 3.0 / 3.1 to ActiveImage Protector 3.5
- Upgrade from ActiveImage Protector 3.5 to ActiveImage Protector latest version
- Change the backup target
- Extend and shrink the backup target disks or volumes

After base backup incremental backup is performed.

* Reconcile is a new feature from the ActiveImage Protector 3.1.
* Deduplication compression is a new feature from the ActiveImage Protector 3.5.


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