How to exclude VSS Writer


Backups may fail with specific VSS Writer.
In that case, you can exclude specific VSS Writer as a workaround.


1) Check the exact VSS Writer name to be excluded.
Run the cmd.exe with administrator privileges and run vssadmin list writers.

2) Check the "Writer name" of VSS Writer you want to exclude.

Writer name: 'MSSearch Service Writer'

3) Please add the parameter.
Please open Aip.ini in the installation path with text, fill in the name in the [aipcopy] section and save.

exclude_writer=MSSearch Service Writer


We recommend that you troubleshoot VSS Writer before excluding it.
If you exclude VSS Writer, you must verify that there are no problems when restore the system.
We can not support to problems caused by excluding.

Target Product

- ActiveImage Protector 2016R2 / 2018 Windows 版
- ActiveImage Protector 4 / 5

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