Incremental item is grayed out in create schedule


If the incremental item is grayed out in the schedule, there are two cause.

There is existing backup tasks.

The incremental backup is one for one volume.
For example, it cannot backup the "C drive" in multiple incremental schedule.

There is no existing backup tasks.

- Tracking information has not been deleted.
- Incorrect tracking information is exists.
- Issue may occur by a change of the host name.

Reproduce in the following operation has been confirmed.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a base and incremental schedule.
2) Run the backup task several times.
3) Change the host name, and then reboot the system.
4) Delete an existing schedule.
5) Create a scheduled task that contains the same volume again.


1) Open the installation path by Explorer.
e.g. C: \ Program Files (x86) \ ActiveImage Protector Server

2) Run the aipcontrol.exe
3) Enter the following command.

stoptracking <image path>

In the case of local disk path:

stoptracking U:\aip_backup\test@disk_all.aiv

In the case of a network share path:

stoptracking \\bkserver\aip_backup\test@disk_all.aiv

If you want to delete all of the tracking information, run the following command

stoptracking *

After run the command "stoptracking", first time backup task becomes the Base backup.

4) re-create the schedule


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