How to perform backups by specifying Days of the week or Week number


In the schedule of AIP2016, full backup cannot be specified in week number.
For example, you cannot specify full backup only on first week and Friday, and on other week cannot specify incremental backup.
Also, it is not possible to specify full or incremental backup for day of week by shutdown backup function.
For example, you cannot specify a full backup on every Friday's shutdown.

You can solve the above schedule by using the script attached to this article.

If you will use a shutdown script
If the full backup takes more than 15 minutes, the timeout value of the following Group Policy service must be increased.

1) Right click the following key to change permission.


2) Permissions -- Advanced -- Change owner from SYSTEM to login user.

3) Add your account to permission and full control.

4) Change this value.

    PreshutdownTimeout 900000 ---> 43200000
    * 43200000 = 12 hours.
    Please change this value according to the environment.

5) Add the "MMC -- Add or Remove Snap-ins -- Group Policy Object Editor".

6) Open the "ComputerConfiguration -- Administrative Template -- System -- Scripts".

7) Change the following two settings.
- Maximum wait time for Group Policy scripts
    Options: Seconds: 0
- Run shutdown scripts visible

8) Add the script in "ComputerConfiguration -- Windows Settings -- Scripts -- Shutdown".

9) Run the cmd.exe and then run gpupdate.

How to use script
1) Save the script and decompress it.
2) Create full and incremental backup schedule with AIP2016 in advance.
   *Do not include spaces in the task name.
   *Any backup schedule can be used.
   *Please remember the Task name created at that time.
   *When perform a schedule with Task Scheduler, change the schedule of AIP2016 to "Pause Schedule".

3) Create a task with Task Scheduler.
   Or set up the shutdown script.
   In the argument of the script, enter the Task name of the full backup, the day of the week and the week number.
   The day of the week is the following number.
       *Sun=1 Mon=2 Tue=3 Wed=4 Thu=5 Fri=6 Sat=7

About the arguments:
Argument1: Specify a profile name without INC.
Argument2: Day of the week
Argument3: Week number

* If you do not know the Task name of argument 1, please confirm with the following command.

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\NetJapan\ActiveImage Protector
> aipcontrol profiles

-Argument example:  job 7 1
  It will perform a full backup on Saturday and first week.
  Other day of the week and other week number perform incremental backup.

-Argument example:  job 1
  It will perform a full backup on every Sunday.
  Other day of the week perform incremental backup.

-Argument example:  job
  If the argument is only the Task name, it will perform only incremental backup.


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