An uninitialized disk will be initialized by backup and restore


Although some operations have been corrected in SP2, uninitialized disks will be initialized if you perform backup or restore.

- At GUI startup: It will be fixed SP2 and will not be initialized.
- At run the diskinfo command: It will be fixed SP2 and will not be initialized.
- At backup: It will be initialized.
- At restore: It will be initialized.

Initialization applies to all disks recognized in the system, including backup targets and non-backup targets.
If ASM is used in an uninitialized state in an environment such as Oracle's RAC, the ASM disk will be initialized when performing backup or restore.

If you execute parted -l and the partition table of the device that exists in the OS is unknown, run the backup and restore will change to msdos type as shown below.

Before backup or restore:
Partition Table: unknown

After backup or restore:
Partition Table: msdos


Fixes were made in AIP2018Linux SP2, but some were not included due to build issues.


Please download the cumulative patch from the following.

Prerequisites for patching
This patch can only be applied to the following versions.

- AIP2018Update5(

Please upgrade to AIP2018Update5( before applying the patch.

Patch installation instructions
1) Download it, save it in any location, and unzip it.

2) Grant execute permission to the file.
 # chmod + x AIP2018Update5_Cumulative_patch2040.bin

3) Run this bin file on the terminal.

CentOS-based boot environment including the patches

Target Product

- ActiveImage Protector 2018 Linux

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