Kernel Panic may occur during backup execution on AIP2018Linux


If you mount a backup image that has a corrupted file system, you may not be able to unmount it. Kernel Panic occurs when performing backup in a situation where unmounting is not possible.


This is caused by a conflict between the snapshot driver and image unmount.


Download the cumulative patch from the following.

Prerequisites for patching
This patch can only be applied to the following versions.

-AIP2018Update (

Please upgrade to AIP2018Update ( before applying the patch.
This cumulative patch also includes a fix for AIP2018 in [File system may be corrupted after image restore on AIP2016 / 2018 Linux].
Therefore, if this cumulative patch is applied, both problems are fixed.

Patch installation instructions
1) Download it, save it in any location, and unzip it.

2) Grant execute permission to the file.
 # chmod + x AIP2018Update_Cumulative_patch1910.bin

3) Run this bin file on the terminal.

Target Product

-ActiveImage Protector 2018 Linux

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2019-10-17 07:10
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