File system may be corrupted after image restore on AIP2016 / 2018 Linux


Depending on the environment, the following error may occur in the backup task log.

09/03/2019 11: 29: 47.040 Call StorageLibrary Get Volume bitmap
09/03/2019 11: 29: 47.123 Volume bitmap file / tmp / bitmap-SpRslsNhVN16 created, SectorCount: 104857600, BytesPerCluster: 4096
09/03/2019 11: 29: 47.126 Volume cluster number: 13107200, expect bitmap bytes: 1638400
09/03/2019 11: 29: 47.126 Return bitmap size: 1433600, bitmap cluster number: 11468800
09/03/2019 11: 29: 47.126 Volume bitmap incorrect, give up smart backup. Level = ERROR [25]
09/03/2019 11: 29: 47.333 using full backup / dev / sda3

This is an error in the check function related to the calculation of used blocks.
If this error occurs, the partition will be full sector backup and the task will be completed successfully.
However, a correct full sector backup cannot be taken due to a bug in the code.

If you restore a backup image that had this error, the file system for that partition will be corrupted.
Even if the file system of this partition is repaired, it cannot be repaired correctly.


This is a known issue.


Download from the attached file on this page.

Prerequisites for patching
This patch can only be applied to the following versions.

-AIP2018Update (
-AIP2016R2SP1 (

Please upgrade to AIP2018Update ( or AIP2016R2SP1 ( before applying the patch.
* You may upgrade from AIP2016R2SP1 to AIP2018Update and apply the AIP2018 patch.

Patch installation instructions
1) Download and save it in any location.
2) Grant execute permission to the file.
 For AIP2018Update (
 # chmod + x AIP2018Update_patch1910.bin

 For AIP2016R2SP1 (
 # chmod + x AIP2016R2SP1_patch1910.bin

3) Run this bin file on the terminal.

Target Products

- ActiveImage Protector 2016 / 2018 Linux

Attached files: AIP2018Update_patch1910.bin, AIP2016R2SP1_patch1910.bin

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2019-10-01 08:52
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