Initial incremental task fails to create full backup image fails - Exit Code -999


As a design of ActiveImage Protector, the initial incremental schedule task creates a full backup if full backup is not exist to the destination.
However, the first incremental task fails to create a full backup image with error -999.

04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 Entering CreateBaseImageInstead
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 open file failed Level=ERROR [2]
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 Leaving CreateBaseImageInstead
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 ###### an exception caught in DoCreateImage Level=ERROR [2]
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 ###### canceled or error occurred, deleting all new created files
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 {IDS_STRING3085}Create a image complete
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 PerformanceSlide: 100
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 {IDS_STRING3018}Exit Code: -999
04/15/2020 01:53:32.799 [-999] An unexpected platform error.
04/15/2020 01:53:32.801 {IDS_STRING3013}Processed 0.00 GB in 00:00:01 ID=1586915611; {IDS_STRING3019}2 Errors; {IDS_STRING3009}There were errors during the operation.

This happens with ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update6.


It is a known issue.
It will be fixed in the next release.


Please run the first full backup manually after upgrading to ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update6.
Please be aware that if you perform a full backup manually, it will be skipped even if you schedule the next full backup.

Target Product

- ActiveImage Protector 2018 Update6

Tags: NJKB-165
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2020-04-15 06:24
terauchi katsumi
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