ERROR: 9999 may occur during deduplication backup


If you take a deduplication backup on AIP2016R2, Error 9999 may occur in some cases.

12/20/2017 20:19:25.183 exception(0xc0000094) caught,starting block xxxxxxx, nbr of blocks:32, status: 50 Level=ERROR [0]
12/20/2017 20:19:25.183 ##### Pipe line encounter ERROR: 9999, last error code:0, xxxxxxx Level=ERROR [0]
12/20/2017 20:19:32.289 {IDS_STRING3018}Exit Code: -701

exception (0xc0000094) caught:
In the image creation process by deduplication, CRC is used for checking consistency.
When checking, checksum of block xxxxxxx indicated 0.
This causes an exception error STATUS_INTEGER_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO.

Exception errors can be caused by hardware, software bugs, etc.
However, it is a high probability that this error is caused by a bug.


Please try one of the methods.

1) Add parameter
Open aip.ini with notepad etc and add the parameter to the following section.

dd_save_blockcrc = 0

* However, if you use this parameter, deduplication processing will write to the temp file and compare it.
Therefore, the disk I/O load tends to be high, and the backup time tends to increase.

2) Change to standard compression
Edit the schedule and change to standard compression.
After change, incremental backup continuation can not be done, please take a Full backup.

3) Upgrade to AIP2018
This bug has been fixed in AIP2018.

Target Products
- ActiveImage Protector 2016 R2 Windows
- ActiveImage Protector 4

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2018-08-31 03:28
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