After installing mesa-libGL package occurs, "Oh no! Something has gone wrong."


In RHEL7.4/CentOS7.4 or earlier, when installing and restarting the latest package required for GUI via the Internet, the following message is displayed and the GNOME desktop environment does not start.

"Oh no! Something has gone wrong."


This occurs when the package on which mesa-libGL depends is updated under RHEL7.4/CentOS7.4.
Also, I have confirmed that installing mesa-libGL on RHEL7.5/CentOS7.5 prevents logging in GNOME Desktop.
This is a package issue.

When running yum via the Internet, use RHEL7.6/CentOS7.6 or later.

If you use RHEL7.5/CentOS7.5 or earlier, please install the package from the OS installation media.
If you have already installed individual packages via the Internet, you may encounter errors in "Protected multilib versions".
In the case, it is necessary to solve individually.

Workaround 1

Install and use the RHEL7.6/CentOS7.6 or later.

Workaround 2

If displayed "Oh no!", follow the step.

1) Please press the logout button.
2) Switch the console with Alt + F2.
3) Please execute the following command and update all packages.
   # yum update
4) Reboot the OS.

Target Products

- ActiveImage Protector 2016 Linux / 2018 Linux

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