About AIP Linux Edition Disk Initialization


The specifications from AIP 4.x to AIP2018SP1 are as follows.

ActiveImage Protector Linux Edition initializes the disks recognized as uninitialized at the following timings.
In the event that a connected disk is used as RAW device and unpartitioned, the data in the first sector may be changed as a result of initialization processing.
The disks as such need to be partitioned so that by allocating a partition to RAW device, you should be able to avoid data loss from the first sector.

- When "aipcontrol diskinfo" command is executed.
- When backup task is started.
- When Restore Image wizard is launched.
- When GUI is launched.

This initialization may make it impossible to refer to the disk in a specific system.


The specification has been changed so as not to initialize in AIP2018SP2 or later.
If you want to use the disk in an uninitialized, use AIP2018SP2 or later.

Target Products

-ActiveImage Protector 4.x Linux to 2018SP1 Linux

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