GNOME desktop response of "RHEL7.x / CentOS7.x" will be delayed


GNOME desktop response becomes extremely delayed under the following three conditions.

- Using the GNOME desktop with RHEL7.x / CentOS7.x
- Set up your own audit rules
- Install AIP2018 Linux Editoin

To decide this symptom, execute the df command under three conditions.
If the response does not return immediately, it match to this symptom.
If you are using a server made by NEC, the initial setting script will set the "audit log", so the possibility into this condition increases.


"gvfs-fuse" package caused some problems, GNOME desktop response of "RHEL7.x / CentOS7.x" will be delayed.


Workaround 1

1) Run the following command.
   # yum remove gvfs-fuse
2) Reboot the OS.

Workaround 2

1) Open the "/etc/environment" with a gedit or etc.

2) Add GVFS_"DISABLE_FUSE=1" and save it.

3) Reboot the OS.

Target Product

- ActiveImage Protector 2018 Linux

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2018-11-26 07:45
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