ActiveImage Protector installation may stop in 99%


ActiveImage Protector installation may stop in 99%.

- Use the old kernel of CentOS/RedHat Enterprise 5.x Linux.
 (the kernel older than 2.6.18-371.9.1.el5.)
- Use after ActiveImage Protector 4.1 Linux Edition.
- The Snapshot Working Area (aiptmpfile.img) is large
  *The Snapshot Working Area reserve 3% of toral size of backup source.

The installation stops in the following message.

 Relabeling selinux labels


It becomes very slow in the processing of temporary area creation on the old kernel.

Kernel of issue : 2.6.18-371.9.1.el5

- Create the temporary Area of 1.7GB.
  ->It will finish in a few minutes.

- Create the temporary Area of 10GB.
  ->It takes four hours or more.

The kernel which works normally.
2.6.18-371.11.1.el5 (CentOS/RedHat Enterprise 5.10) or later

Case of Update the Kernel.

1) Uninstall ActiveImage Protector

# <Media Path>/NetJapanInstaller-4.5.x
  Press the  Uninstall

2) Update the kernel

# yum install kernel

3) Install ActiveImage Protector

# <Medeia Path>/NetJapanInstaller-4.5.x
  Press the Install

Case of replacement of sectmap file.

1) Run the command.

# <Medeia Path>/scripts/installer

It will stop at the next processing.
Excluding /var/opt/aipsnap/aiptmpfile.img ...

2) Press the Ctrl+C

3) Replace copy the Attached file.

# cp -f /<sectmap40 Path> /etc/sectmap
# chmod 755 /etc/sectmap

4) Creation of temporary Area

#/opt/NetJapan/mkaiptmp setup

*All press the Enter.

5) Start aipservice

# service NetJapanAIP start

6.Start AIP console
# /opt/NetJapan/AIProtector


Attached files: sectmap40

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