A Precaution when using BootCheck on a Windows Server 2019 backup image


ActiveImage Protector 2018 SP2_M1 (AIP2018SP2M1) does not yet officially support Microsoft Windows Server 2019.
Internal testing confirms that BootCheck is not fully functional on Server 2019.

More information

When backing up Windows Server 2019 using AIP2018SP2M1, the BootCheck feature does not function properly.
The same issue occurs when using the BootCheck feature from ImageCenter


A Windows Server 2019 VM requires a minimum of 800 MB of memory to boot up.
By default, BootCheck allocates only 768 MB and so the OS cannot boot.
Reference Document:


Currently, there is no workaround for ActiveImage Protector 2018 (AIP2018SP2M1).
However, in ImageCenter, by modifying and saving the settings in the AIP.ini file (as described below), the BootCheck feature will function properly.
BootTestVmRAM = 1024
In future releases of both AIP 2018 and ImageCenter, the default memory allocation value will be set at 1024 MB.

Taregt Products

- ActiveImage Protector 2018 SP2 M1 (
- ImageCenter 3.0 (

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