Next Run Date/Time of the schedule is N/A, and it does not work


The next execution time of the schedule will be N / A and will not work.


It may be caused by Scheduler.exe failing to start due to the following factors.

- Port conflict
- Problems caused by anti-virus software

Scheduler.exe uses TCP port 18432 and can not be changed.


1) Restart the AIP service, then start Scheduler.
From the Windows service, restart the AipService.

2) If you cannot start Scheduler.exe with the 1), please try the following.

- If other processes are using port 18432, please release the port 18432
- Configure exclude for Scheduler.exe with anti-virus scanning

Target Products

- ActiveImage Protector 2016R2 / 2018
- ActiveImage Protector 4 / 5

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