Behavior of backup during shutdown due to Windows 10 update


If you perform Windows Update on Windows 10, the Shutdown backup may not work properly.

1) Can not select cancel during Shutdown backup.

2) Shutdown backup is not executed.


1) There is a problem with the display of the local policy shutdown script.

2) When upgrading to Fall Creators Update, the registry value of the "local group policy -- shutdown script" will be deleted.


1) Please apply KB 4025342.

2-1) Edit the schedule, uncheck "Shutdown/Reboot", proceed wizard to the end and press Done.
2-2) Edit the schedule again, check "Shutdown/Reboot", proceed wizard to the end and press Done.

Target Products
- ActiveImage Protector 2016 R2 / 2018 Windows version
- ActiveImage Protector 4/5

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2018-08-31 03:26
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