If you backup a Windows data deduplication enabled drive, the drive will be RAW


If you perform an incremental backup of a drive with "Windows data deduplication" enabled, the following symptoms occurs.

1) Incremental backup of C drive and Windows data deduplication drive together, the Windows data deduplication drive becomes RAW.

2) Even if incremental backup of Windows data deduplication drive only is performed, the file may not exist in the backup image in some cases.


The $AIPMAP file containing the tracking information of the tracking driver will also be deduplicated.
As a result, the tracking information is written to an incorrect place, the file system will be corrupted.


Please does not perform incremental backup of the drive with Windows data deduplication enabled.

Full backup does not corrupt the file system of the Windows data deduplication drive.

* This issue is now under investigation. (As of May 17, 2018)
Fix is planned in AIP2018R2.

Target Products
- ActiveImage Protector 2016R2 / 2018 Windows

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2018-05-17 08:00
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