Backup fails with the error -311 and -312

The following error may occur in the backup task.

1) [-311] Could not start VSS Level=ERROR [0]
2) [-312] snapshot not found

1) Available disk space is not enough.
2) Driver that supported the kernel does not exist.

1) Check the available space of the backup target disk
The following available space is required in the AIP.

Version Minimum available space requirement
3.1 5% available space of the total size of the backup target disk
3.5 3% available space of the total size of the backup target disk

Snapshot temp area: 3% of the total size of the backup target
Tracking area: 0.01% available space of the device total size

It is possible to change the snapshot temporary area size with the following command.
It has been implemented in ActiveImage Protector 3.5 or later.

#cd /opt/NetJapan
#./mkaiptmp setup

2) Installation and update of snapshot driver

# aipmng --modupdate --all

This command will install the driver that matches based on the kernel information.
If the module does not exist, it will check driver at Netjapan Server.

If checking a driver at the time of a start of OS, edit rc.local.

# vi /etc/rc.local
aipmng --modupdate --all

If the Kernel has been updated during the operation of a scheduled backup, error may occur.


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